Power Generation Development (Design & Financial Analysis)


Feasibility Studies, Project Development, Design Specifications, PM for:

·         On-site primary electric power generation, back-up / emergency power systems

·         Gas turbine, diesel and gas engine systems

·         Combined Heat and Power (CHP), cogeneration power systems, peakers

·         Boiler plants, steam systems and steam turbine power generation; gas, coal & wood fired

·         Rotary kiln waste to energy, heat recovery systems

·         Renewable energy, solar, wind, biomass, biogas, digester gas and landfill gas


Relevant Project Experience 


Chevron, UNO-VEN Division, Lemont, IL

Developed, designed and provided owner’s engineer services for the installation of a 1,000 kW waste heat recovery driven steam turbine gen set connected in parallel to ComEd.  Two steam feedstocks, generated by rotary kiln processes at different pressures, are used to independently drive twin backpressure steam turbines connected to a single induction generator.


Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, GA

Feasibility study for a 7.0 MW Solar Taurus based gas turbine cogeneration plant with a duct fired HRSG system.


Vintage Dairy, Fresno, CA

Lead designer of bio-methane to pipeline natural gas system that processed and upgraded off-gases from anaerobic digester to pipeline quality natural gas specifications and injected it into PG&E interstate pipelines at >650 psig.  Conducted energy, water and material balances.  Selected pressure swing membrane based equipment line-up to meet hydrogen sulfide and air emissions requirements.


Alcoa, Point Comfort, TX

Feasibility study for a diesel fired back-up power and peak power supply generator system for the local power co-operative.  1,000 hp. of engine gen-sets would provide critical well water pumping capacity during times of power outages (hurricanes) and would also provide peaking power to the co-op whenever real-time power pricing proved to be economical
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