Renewable Green Energy Projects


·         “Foot-printing” of facilities for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and other emissions

·         Identification of energy conservation / emissions reduction opportunities

·         Solar hot water and solar power project development

·         Wind power, landfill gas, biomass & wood renewable power project development


Relevant Project Experience 



Waste Management, Crossroads, ME

Designer of mechanical systems; fuel train, oil systems, engine room ventilation systems, water systems, HVAC systems, for 6 MW landfill gas power plant built in Crossroads, ME in 2009. 

3 x Cat 3520s with heat recovery.


Waste Management, Medley, FL

Designer of mechanical systems for 18 MW landfill gas power project placed on hold in 2009. 

9 x Cat 3516s without heat recovery.  


Private Developer, Fresno, CA

Financial analysis model for 9 MW solar plus 3 MW landfill gas power project under development.  ARRA and Energy Policy Act financial incentives rolled into cash flow analysis.


Wells Manufacturing, Woodstock, IL

Feasibility study for a 6.4 MW wind turbine resource on private land.  4 x Vestas V82s.


Halifax Regional Health System, Halifax, VA

Technical and financial analysis to deliver preliminary design and feasibility study for a wood fired 300 bhp trigeneration system for the Halifax Regional Hospital complex.  The trigen system would displace fuel oil and produce cogenerated power via a 150 kW steam turbine, 800 tons of chilled water via absorption chillers and 100% of heating loads year around.



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